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Better than a kick in the head


		Unleash the Fiend! Spew late-night revelations! 
		Drink Jolt and coffee! Terrorize mall-goers! Shave 
		your pubic hair! Invoke your Dark Side! Vandalize 
		everything! Stand in the middle of traffic and dance! 
		Return favors twofold and return malice fivefold! 
		Infest computers with viruses! Play Monopoly and 
		cheat your ass off! Make prank phone calls! Leave 
		your fly open or your skirt hiked! Show wonders to 
		the dead! Start a radio station! Crack incest jokes 
		at family reunions! Warp out on video games! Shove 
		weird pictures through late-night book and video 
		drops! Insert tiny propaganda bombs into publications 
		and newsstands everywhere! Defy TV!MORE>>


This is basically a bunch of articles, pictures and links. It's all stolen off other websites or print publications. But plagiarism makes the internet go 'round, right?

Things To Read

"Society is like stew. If you don't stir it, all the scum rises to the top..."

Steal This Book. -The classic Yippie survival guide by Abbie Hoffman. Tells you how to aquire almost anything at little or no cost, and how to rip off everything for all it's worth. (It's pretty long, so it takes a little while to load)

The School Stoppers' Textbook!! -Yippie guide for those bent on destroying their school and subverting classmates' minds. Includes tips on vandalism, disruptive behaviour, and how to successfully burn down your school. Essential reading for any high-schooler.

Places To Go

The Idiosyntactix Culture Jammers' Encyclopedia...This page has it all. You can find everything from billboard liberation to Yippies, to various Cacophony Societies, to the Quadro drug "tracker" scam, to Jello Biafra, to guerrilla theatre, to Abbie Hoffman, to Joey Skaggs' Cathouse for Dogs... etc etc etc. With about a hundred million links, I promise you will never ever get sick of this page.

Indymedia...WAY too much stuff here to poke several sticks at. It's basically a community-based information service that accepts contributions from around the world. This results in a shitload of stuff to read.

Anagram Generator...Useful for anyone considering their own sign adjustments

Guerrilla Media...Guerrilla Media is a group of West Coast Canadian "media critics" who create education projects around social justice issues. This is their web site.

CleanSurface...A very cool site with photos of heaps of subversive graffiti, posters, stencils etc.... This is the archived version of the website as preserved by the National Library of Australia's "Pandora" web archive project

Znet...Features a hell of a lot of online texts, articles and message boards (these boards get quite heated, with topics like abortion, fundamentalism, activist strategies and the age-old 'rock-vs-rap' debate)

Billboard Liberation Front...Has a BLF history section, a 'How-To' section, plus a whole bunch of photos of liberated billboards.

Adbusters...Ultra slick website devoted to various forms of culture jamming. Namely adbusting ...duh.

Belgium Doesn't Exist!...This site puts forward quite a reasonable agrument as to why Belgium does not exist.

Spunk Library...Publishes works converted to, or produced in, electronic format and spreads them as far as possible on the Internet and in the BBS society free of charge.

Abrupt..."Apocalyptic Optimism for the End of History"

The Chaser...Hell funny Australian satirical newspaper. The shITe section has some good links to piss-poor websites under categories such as "Sites With The Most Things That Don't Work In Them" and "Stupid Americans". HAHAHA.

BLORT...I will gladly admit that i have no idea what this site is. Actually this link doesn't work.

People to Meet

Jello Biafra...Here is a whole bunch of interviews with the notorious ex-Dead Kennedys frontman, spoken-word artist, anti-censorship activist and one-time mayoral candidate. This guy just doesn't shut up, ever.

Los Angeles Cacophony Society...An odd collection of people who do odd things....


Losing Friends & Confusing People...Read up on how to annoy the fuck out of anyone and everyone!

Things To Do

Go to For $14.00 (US), this guy will send you a 2-hour video made up of live performances from his enormous collection. He's got sooo many bands, you're bound to find heaps that you like.

OK, so maybe this section needs a little work. But I'm SOOO gonna have it up soon.


Now it's time to kiss up to my host, namely Bravenet. Even though my previous page got deleted somehow, I still luv em, and I say to anyone even vaguely considering a free website of their own to have a look at Bravenet.